Speech Visualisation Technology

Speech is the result of a highly complex and versatile system of co-ordinated muscular movements, and although perceptual assessment provides valuable information, instrumental observation can offer significant advantages. View our range of speech visualisation software and instrumentation, designed for anyone interested in the production of speech.
Ultrasound Tongue Imaging (UTI)

Ultrasound Tongue Imaging (UTI)

LinguaSound 3D

Enhanced ultrasound tongue imaging system that incorporates contour tracking and 3D modelling for real-time visualisation of the tongue and hard-palate.

LinguaGraph Electropalatography (EPG) System

Electropalatography (EPG)


Detects tongue contact with the hard-palate during speech using a custom-made artificial palate that contains 62 electrodes embedded on its lingual surface.

Nasality Microphone - nasometry system


Nasality Microphone

Detects nasality in speech production using a lightweight, handheld, acoustic separator fitted with highly directional nasal and oral microphones.

SNORS Anemometry System


Super Nasal-Oral Ratiometry System (SNORS)

Detects nasal and oral airflow to provide a non-invasive objective assessment of velopharyngeal function using a lightweight dual chamber mask.

EGG-D200 Electroglottography System

Electroglottography (EGG)


A non-invasive technique of monitoring vocal fold vibration by sensing the electrical conductance between two electrodes placed either side of the thyroid cartilage.

icSpeech Professional Edition - multiparameter speech analysis software

Multiparameter speech software

icSpeech Professional Edition

Flexible USB architecture enables the synchronous data capture from any combination of our speech instrumentation.

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