Based in the United Kingdom, icSpeech have over 30 years' experience in creating cutting edge speech visualisation technology, including ultrasound tongue imaging (UTI), electropalatography (EPG), electroglottography (EGG), nasometry, speech analysis and pronunciation software. Today our products are used by universities, hospitals, schools and individuals in over 70 countries worldwide.

A brief history

In 1987, a local dental surgeon contacted the Medical Electronics Research Laboratory at the University of Kent. The surgeon wanted to objectively measure the effects of fitting palatal lift prostheses.

This led to the development of the Nasal-Oral Ratiometry System (NORS), which detected nasal and oral airflow during speech. Since then, the University of Kent has continued to research and develop new speech technologies.

Rose Medical Solutions Ltd was founded in 2009 by Dr. Paul Dean Sharp, a former student of the university. The aim of the icSpeech division is to bring new and exciting speech technologies to market, whilst providing sales and customer support.

Our customers

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